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Płyty Glasbord®profile PCVlaminaty transportowedrzwi chłodnicze bramy szybkobieżnekomoryrealizacje

Installation instructions


Start the installation in the corner by drawing a 1.5 meter line with a spirit level. Install the first panel along the line, and in case more rows of panels are required in high buildings, draw additional horizontal and vertical lines. The panels are fixed with acrylic cement or polyurethane foam in several points to solid, dry and degreased walls. The adhesive yield is approx. 0.35 to 0.5 kg/m². To fix the panels until the adhesive sets, use Z type galvanized steel fasteners and wall plugs with a masking cap. The panel edges are fixed with wall plugs through the panel. The bottom section is sealed with Ceresit or Atlas adhesive to waterproof joints between the panel and the floor.

The panels are joined with DB PVC H-channels sealed with silicone. To guarantee 100% waterproofing, seal the wall plug holes with a thin silicone layer.

Use a power jigsaw or an angle grinder to cut holes in Glasbord® panels. Secure cut edges with a polyurethane sealant.

For panels with plasterboard core, seal the space between Glasbord® and plasterboard edges with silicone to maintain waterproofing.

Install finish trims on all outside corners.

Trim drawings and Glasboard panel installation guidelines

Install OC trim or PVC angle bead on all inside corners.

Panel preparation

Apply 3.5-4 kg/m2 Ceresit CT85 or Botact 19 cement on prepared panel surface with a notched trowel.

Install DB joining trim on all panel edges.

Prepare and fix other panels.
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