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Sarana LLC, has been an exclusive distributor in Poland for the No. 1 worldwide fibreglass products producer, Kemlite Company Inc., since 1993.

The company deals in sales and assembly of wall elements made of hardened fibre glass and dedicated for finishing work in walls and ceilings in plants, which produce food products, and the Glasbord® panel system for cold store and carrying freezer construction work.

Since 1995, the company has been the sole distributor in Poland for the French company of Peillex Plastiques S.A., which produces modern PVC finishing profiles for cold stores and carrying freezers.

Good to know

Glasbord® or composite panels?
Use of suitable materials for your walls guarantees long life without additional refurbishments.

Glasbord® or ceramic tiles?
Both ceramic tiles and Glasbord® panels have their enthusiasts. What factors to consider when selecting a suitable product?

Sarana Ltd. Tel. +48 (12) 276 23 77, +48 (12) 276 56 88 MaWi 2012